3 tips for efficient and effective order management

Tipps für Ihr Auftragsmanagement

Save time and manual effort in your order management. To do so, use our helpful tools that will save you time, especially in view of the Christmas business and over the turn of the year. Today, we would like to give you three helpful tips on how you can organize your tasks relating to “order submission” and “content procurement” more efficiently and effectively.

1. Central content procurement

Increase the data quality in your merchandise management or POS system. And without any further manual effort on your part! Import the current POS data with your individual conditions automatically from the nmedia.hub. Simply store your FTP server or opt for transfer via EDI. Obtain the content of your top brands (e.g. WMF, Asa, Koziol, etc.) from the industry centrally and conveniently via the nmedia.hub.

Do you have an online store for which you need up-to-date data? Use the e-commerce data for your B2C store. Obtain your data from our central nmedia.hub – in self-service or automated mode. Minimize your manual effort considerably! Control the automated content procurement processes for your online store or merchandise management via the interface to nmedia.hub.

P.s.: If you want to expand your product range online and stationary without having to clear more storage space: Why not use the drop shipping stores of our brands (e.g. Wenko and Profino)?

2. Overview of all orders

Do you need an overview of all your orders, regardless of which order channel (dropshipping, EK Online, Online, Showroom) you used to place them? Yes, there is! In the nmedia.hub you will find a direct overview of the status of your orders, and your follow-up documents (such as delivery bill and invoice) and you can re-execute an order with just a few clicks. Everything is in one table and with helpful filters directly tailored to your needs. Save yourself valuable time and get a consistent overview in the order overview. Click here to go directly to the order overview in the nmedia.hub.

Haven’t placed an order yet? No problem, in the order shop overview you can see all participating brands on our platform. Among them are WMF, Fissler, Mepal and GEFU. Take a look right here and make your price request!

Psssst… we are already working hard in the background to be able to display the original receipts and the representation of all EDI receipts of the brands in the nmedia.hub soon!

3. view backorders

Which products do you actually still have on backorder? Regardless of your order path, you can view your backorders centrally. There are several ways to do this to make your order management as efficient as possible:

  • Go to the order store of the desired brand. Directly at the product (list view), you can see the number of items that are already on backorder.
  • Also in the check-out, your backorders per item are displayed. Use the information to decide whether you want to reorder an item.

In addition, you can view your backorders in more detail in a table. Here you also have the option to send a cancellation request of your backorders directly to the brand, if necessary. With just one click! Click here to view your backorders.

Currently, you can view the backorders of WMF, Leonardo, and Räder. Would you like a central overview of backorders in nmedia.hub for other brands as well? Please feel free to contact us!


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