Complete brand assortments
Increase sales through more product variety

Expand your own brand assortment in your online shop or stationary shop. Dropshipping allows you to ship products directly from the brand’s warehouse. You don’t need to provide additional storage space, because the brand takes care of the shipping.

  • Direct line to your brand
    Order products at your individual brand conditions
  • Offer more service
    Respond even better to the wishes of your end customers
  • Shipment directly to end customer
    Specify the address of the end customer directly when ordering
Now offer more variety
Nextrade Dropshipping

Fast captures

Use the dropshipping multiple entry or order import for fast order processes in the platform.

Online shop orders

Easily send us your orders via API/EDI directly from your online shop and trigger order in the platform.

Extended store counter

Present dropshipping shops with RRP to your customers and let your customers browse and shop directly in the dropshipping shops on the platform.

Dropshipping as another sales channel

Via nmedia, various brands offer you their brand assortment as dropshipping articles. Use this potential to expand your assortment. You can offer the products in your online shop as well as in the stationary shop (extended shop counter). The products are delivered directly from the brand to your end customers. The goods do not have to be stored in your warehouse.

In order to offer drop shipping online, specific requirements must be met:

  1. An own online store
  2. E-commerce capable article data
  3. Product images
  4. Stocks of the brands
  5. If necessary, your own dropshipping-capable merchandise management system

We support you in all topics related to brands and content.

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In addition, the brands provide you with relevant image and product data and thus enable you to easily add products to your own online shop in order to offer them for sale there.

More information about Nextrade Content

Ordering options

  1. Via dropshipping store
  2. Via fast entry
  3. Order import
  4. Order import - automated nmedia standard
  5. Orders - automated individually via EDI/API

Do you have any questions about dropshipping?

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