Order Import
Order products with less effort

Do you often order the same products? Then use the order tool “Order Import”: Manage your orders in a CSV file to simply upload them in the next step and send the shopping cart.

Order import on Nextrade
  1. To do this, go to “Orders” in the menu bar and click on „Order Import“.
    Selection in the navigation under "Quick order functions" select "Order import".
  2. First download the import file, which you can find in the “Downloads” box on the right.
  3. The file is structured as follows:

    Field Name Format Explanation
    H1 ID „head“ CHAR (3) always fill in „head“
    H2 supplierGLN CHAR (12) Optionally fill in the brands GLN
    H3 order number CHAR (128) Optionally fill in the order number


    Field Name Format Explanation
    P1 ID „Position“ CHAR (8) always fill in „Position“
    P2 EAN or article no. CHAR (20) fill in the EAN/GTIN or Article Number
    P3 Quantity CHAR (5) fill in the quantity
  4. Fill the file with the appropriate products, GTINs and quantity to be ordered and save it.
  5. Then click on “Browse”, select the appropriate file and import it using the “Import order” button.
    Import order

Example for an Order Import File

Example for CSV Order Import File:


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