Order Backlogs

With your order backlogs for the respective brands, you get an even better overview of your order management.

Order Backlogs on Nextrade
  1. You can view your order backlogs under the account settings and by clicking on “Backorders” or can be reached directly by clicking on the quick links.
  2. Necessary is a granted price request from the brand and that the brand is providing the order backlogs for nmedia.hub.
  3. In the detailed view of the of the brand shop, the order backlogs can also be seen next to the stocks.
    Listview on Nextrade
  4. Also in the shopping cart, the own order backlogs are displayed, in addition to the stock.
  5. The order backlogs are always the individual order backlogs of the buyer and not from the brand
  6. It is also possible to send a cancellation request of your backorders to the brand via nmedia.hub. To do this, simply select the order(s) via the checkbox and click on the “Cancel selection” button.
    Backorders on Nextrade - cancel products
  7. Subsequently, the cancelled orders receive a status “Cancellation requested”. You will receive a notification by e-mail about your cancellation request, the brand in turn will receive a notification about your cancellation request.
  8. Cancellation requests can be sent to brands.
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