Drop shipping Multiple Data Entry

Use our drop shipping multiple data entry to order larger quantities more easily.

Go to the multiple data entry
Multiple data entry tool on Nextrade
  1. To do this, click on “Drop shipping Multiple Data Entry” in the menu bar under “Drop shipping”.
    Selection in the navigation under "Quick order functions" select "Multiple Data Entry".
  2. Select a Brand Shop.
  3. Then click into the fields and enter the GTIN or article number and quantity of the product you want to order.
    Multiple Data Entry on Nextrade - specify products
  4. By clicking on “+ add lines” you can create more fields for your order
  5. To complete your order, please click on the button “Add to shopping cart” and a shopping cart will be created with the products listed in the multiple data entry

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact our Support Team for any help and further questions.

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