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General questions about Nextrade

  • What is Nextrade Solutions?

    In recent years, the pure B2B marketplace has become a solution provider for digitization and automation. Under Nextrade Solutions, we therefore offer many other complementary products and services in addition to the Market.

    Nextrade is your central ordering and data platform for your B2B business. You order from your top brands in one system and at the same time discover many new interesting brands to expand your assortment. You always order with your individual best price and conditions that the brands give you. At the end of each order, your brand can provide you with product and image data for your marketing processes. You can use Nextrade on the Internet or take advantage of the digital ordering processes with the connection of your merchandise management system via EDI to Nextrade.

  • In which countries is Nextrade active?

    Nextrade is an international platform. Brands from all over the world register to present their products to you. With over 400 brands, you have a wide range of new business partners.

  • Who is allowed to use Nextrade?

    Any b2b buyer is entitled to purchase on Nextrade. Private individuals do not receive the right of use.

  • Which industries are represented on Nextrade?

    In general, there are no restrictions as to which industries can participate in Nextrade. Most of our participants come from the home, living, giving and tableware sectors. Due to our internationality, we are expanding our range of brands on a daily basis.

  • How do I register for Nextrade?

    If you are interested in Nextrade, simply click on register at the top right and fill out the registration form. You are also welcome to contact us at support@nmedia.solutions.

  • I have registered for Nextrade but I can't log in?

    We will check if you are eligible to participate in Nextrade. This usually takes 24-48 hours. After that you can log in.

  • Where can I get more information about Nextrade?

    You can find all the information and benefits about Nextrade on the Nextrade Solutions page.

    Of course, we are also available to answer your questions personally at any time. Just send us an email at support@nmedia.solutions or call us at +49 211 54 23 24 25.


  • What is Nextrade Order?

    Nextrade is the digital product catalog of your brands with a central order function. Browse, discover and order directly. All through one platform. Start today and send brands business requests on Nextrade.

    In addition to the classic order function, you also have the option of receiving product information and image data. Via digital interfaces you automate existing order processes. And all this with your individual conditions and prices.

  • How much does it cost to participate in Nextrade Order?

    Registration and use of Nextrade is free of charge for buyers.

  • What are the benefits for buyers on Nextrade?

    On Nextrade, you can choose from more than 400,000 different products from over 400 brands and order with just one login, without any intermediaries or wholesalers. You buy at individual conditions and also you can download marketing material. In addition, Nextrade is free of charge for you as a buyer – more business can be that easy.

  • I have logged in but do not see any prices.

    Nextrade works like a trade fair. You can visit all brand stores at any time and see all products. As soon as you want to order, you ask for your individual best price and then you are unlocked by the brands.

  • How do I get download permissions of product data?

    As with the price request, you can request the respective download permissions via the brand shop by clicking on “Request now” under the product data item.

  • Can I view the inventories?

    Yes, for some brands you have the possibility to view the stocks and delivery times of the products carried.

  • How can I tell if a product is not available for order?

    The brands store a reference to the orderability (e.g. “Yes” or “No”) on all your products. Products that cannot be ordered cannot be added to the shopping cart.

  • How can I create shopping carts with an import?

    You can create a shopping cart using an order import. Navigate to the Tools and use the order import function to create a shopping cart automatically.

  • Is it possible to trigger an order via multiple entry?

    Yes, navigate here also to the Tools and select the multiple data entry. Here you can quickly and easily enter the article number or EAN of a product and the quantity. Then you create a shopping cart with the multiple data entry, which you can then send with a few steps.

  • Where can I find my invenido brands?

    As with the other shops on Nextrade, you must first submit a price request to the brand (e.g. WMF). You can submit this via the supplier overview and/or directly in the shop. Your invenido brand is already prepared for this and will also activate your conditions in Nextrade.

  • Where can I find my order backlogs at WMF/LEONARDO?

    Once you have been granted access to the shop of WMF/LEONARDO, you can click on the order backlogs and filter out your backorders as usual.


Drop Shipping


  • What is Nextrade Automate?

    With Nextrade automate you save high manual effort and data maintenance by automating your procurement processes. Control all your procurement processes conveniently from your ERP system and link to a variety of Nextrade and EDI brands.

  • What does Nextrade Automate costs?

    Like the other functions of Nextrade, the use of Nextrade Automate is free of charge for you as a buyer.

  • What are the advantages of Nextrade Automate for me as a buyer?

    Connect your ERP or checkout system directly to a variety of brands. Automate all your orders and link your own B2C shop to place orders directly to your brands. Receive follow-up documents such as invoices, order confirmation and delivery bill directly in your ERP system.

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