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Get to know Nextrade quickly and easily with our guide. There are two interfaces available for you to use Nextrade. In the Market, everything revolves around discovering and ordering for your buyers The my.nmedia area is your administration area.

  • Nextrade Market
    Shop-Einstellungen, Unternehmens-Präsentation, Einsehen des eigenen Shops
  • myNextrade
    Preis- und Produktdatenanfragen bearbeiten, Orders verwalten, Fracht- und Zahlungsbedingungen verwalten, Firmen-/Kontaktdaten verwalten
Go to Nextrade Market

Register as a Brand

First, register here as a brand on Nextrade. After registration, your individual contact person will get in touch with you, clarify questions and send you the contract.

You are also welcome to book a personal demo appointment directly here, where your contact person will discuss the appropriate participation option for your business with you and present the platform.

Contract signing process

After you have signed and returned your contract to us, you will receive a message from your contact person from the onboarding team. This person will accompany and support you from the setup to the go-live of your shop.


Send product data

There are two options for importing your products into your shop:

  1. You have an ERP system or can export your catalog from a shop system (e.g. Shopify)?Then please send us an example import file!
  2. Alternatively, please fill the import template with 3-5 products and submit to the onboarding team.

Our recommendation: Choose the way via export. You save manual effort and later have the possibility to automate the import easily.
For the setup of your shop we need additionally:

  • Your company logo | 275 x 130 px
  • Topbanner | 1430 x 130 px
  • Mood image | 400 x 400 px


Set up of your Shop

We set up your shop and give you feedback on your data.


Joint demo

After the first data has been imported, we will invite you to a personal demo appointment, where we will walk through the shop and its settings together, look at the first test data in the shop and discuss certain processes.


Finalizing your Shop

Together with your personal contact person, you add more products to your shop, finalize and optimize various settings and prepare the shop for its go-live.


Go Live

Your shop is now opened and visible to all buyers on Nextrade. Congratulations!


Everything done? Take another look at our checklist to see if all the necessary points can be checked off.

  • Nextrade Market
    • Logo | 275 x 130 px
    • Topbanner | 850 x 130 px
    • Mood Image | 400 x 400 px
    • Assortment complete & up to date
    • Company presentation
  • MyNextrade
    • Set up shipping conditions
    • Set up payment conditions

Where to find what?

Nextrade Shop

At various points you can customize the shop and adapt it to your brands look and feel. First, include a top banner and mood image. In the company presentation you have the possibility to introduce and present yourself to new customers with pictures, video and text.

  • Upload your Top Banner & Mood Image
    Account → Settings → Shop Settings
  • Set up your Company Presentation
    Account → Settings → Company Presentation


Your MyNextrade-area is your administration area. Here you can find all important settings regarding your account, manage (open) buyer requests as well as orders.

  • Manage company data
    Settings → Company Data
  • Weitere Ansprechperson hinterlegen
    Settings → Additional Contacts for Buyers
  • Manage Shipping Conditions
    Settings → Freight conditions
  • Manage Payment Conditions
    Settings → Terms of Payment
  • Manage Buyer Requests
  • View Orders
    Order Tracker
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