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General Questions about Nextrade

  • What is Nextrade?

    Nextrade is your digital product catalog with an order interface. With the extended services around Nextrade Solutions you digitize your (existing) customer relationships. Your customers can order and will be supplied with product data. You have the full controll over which customers can order and/or which will be able to obtain your product data.

  • In which countries is Nextrade active?

    Nextrade is an international platform. Brands and buyers from all over the world register to present their products to you. With over 400 brands, we offer a wide range of new potential business partners.

  • Who is allowed to use Nextrade?

    Any b2b buyer is entitled to purchase on Nextrade. Private individuals do not receive the right of use.

  • Which industries are represented on Nextrade?

    In general, there are no restrictions as to which industries can participate in Nextrade. Most of our participants come from the home, living, giving and tableware sectors. Due to our internationality, we are expanding our range of brands on a daily basis.

  • Are there in-person product demonstrations?

    Yes, book directly your non-binding appointment online here or write us: support@nmedia.solutions. We look forward to getting to know you.

  • How do I register for Nextrade?

    On www.hub.nmedia.solutions click at the top of the menu to Register now as a brand and fill out the registration form. Our sales team will then contact you.

  • How can I participate in Nextrade?

    You have 2 options for your participation in Nextrade:

    1. Online
      You manage your orders in your administration area myNextrade, download them there as PDF and enter them manually into your ERP system. Follow-up documents such as order confirmations, delivery bills and invoices are generated manually online.
    2. EDI
      Automate all processes with an automated interface and have purchase orders imported directly into your ERP system. This saves you manual effort. Follow-up documents are automatically forwarded from your ERP system to Nextrade and provide dealers with just-in-time updates on their orders.
  • Where can I get more information about Nextrade?

    Get an insight into our Nextrade world at nmedia.solutions. Need more help? Just write us an email to support@nmedia.solutions or call us at +49 211 54 23 24 25.


  • What is Nextrade Order?

    Nextrade Order is the digital product catalog of your brands with a central order function. Browse, discover and order directly. All through one platform. Start today and send brands business requests on Nextrade.

    In addition to the classic order function, you also have the option of receiving product information and image data. Via digital interfaces you automate existing order processes. And all this with your individual conditions and prices.

  • What are the advantages for me as a brand on Nextrade?

    As a Nextrade brand, you are 24/7 present for your buyers. You can bring your brand and products to life with images and information for the buyers and significantly support the efficiency of your own sales. Each brand has its own shop within Nextrade and decides who has access to the shop.

  • How much does it cost to participate in Nextrade Order?

    Our brands pay an annual fee of 600 € and 2.5 % commission on each referred order. If you decide to participate via EDI, we reduce our commission to 1.5 %.

  • I have signed the contract, what happens next?

    Your respective sales representative will introduce you to your personal account manager, who will be at your disposal for the entire onboarding process and further cooperation.

  • I can not log in, why?

    Your login is only possible after we have set up your shop. To do this, please send us your products in the form of an export from your ERP or shop system or our import template. With this data we can set up your shop and activate your access. Alternatively, we are also happy to work with your EDI data.

  • How do I import products into Nextrade?

    In principle, you can do this at any time by storing your data on an FTP server. If you participate via EDI, send us product data via the automated interfaces.

  • How do new buyers find me in the Nextrade?

    After opening the shop, your shop will appear on the buyers dashboard. There, uyers have the opportunity to access your shop right away. Nothing stands in the way of a first browse.

    The monthly Nextrade newsletter, which is sent to all our buyers and prospects, also lists new shop openings. Here, buyers and interested parties can see a selection of your products and can enter your shop with just one click.

    At the same time, your shop appears in the product and brand search; for example, when buyers are looking for specific products that can be found in your shop.

  • Why do I only see my own shop as a brand?

    You only have access to your own shop, as this is primarily about your own product presentation. Via the button “Select Brand”, you navigate directly to your own shop and see it exactly as the buyers see it.

  • How do I set the order of products in the shop?

    The order of the products in your shop corresponds to the order of the products listed in your export or our import template.

  • How do I grant access to buyers?

    In your myNextrade area you will find the tab Buyers. Here you can activate the buyers via the status or make individual settings in the contact itself.

  • What happens if a buyer is blocked in Nextrade?

    If a buyer is blocked by a brand, the buyer will receive an email with the reason for rejection. This will be defined by you as the brand at the time of rejection. The buyer will still not be able to view purchase prices and send orders.

  • Do customers receive automatic information?

    Yes, as soon as you activate your buyers, they will automatically receive an e-mail about the approval and will be informed that they can now order items.


  • What is Nextrade Content?

    Nextrade Content is the self-service tool for product and image data in the consumer goods industry. Make your product data with individual rights available to your buyers worldwide and centrally via Nextrade. You have full control over the price conditions and product data that are sent to the buyers. The transfer of the product data is automated and self-service. The buyers receive either a Nextrade standard CSV including image links or their individual file format in case of EDI participation.

  • How much does Nextrade Content cost?

    Nextrade Content and the associated data distribution is free of charge for you.

  • What are the benefits of Nextrade Content for me as a brand?

    Save the costs for complex and extensive product management systems (PIM) and minimize the high manual effort for data distribution to your buyers with Nextrade Content. We take care of the automated data distribution without you having to spend a lot of time and effort.

Drop Shipping

  • What is Nextrade Drop shipping?

    With Nextrade Drop shipping you offer a drop shipping shop for your buyers on Nextrade, where your customers can resell to the end customers without keeping the products in stock. You ship the orders directly to the end customers, but you receive the payment from your buyer. Your buyer can offer therefore your whole product range without having big risks in stocking your products.

  • What costs Drop shipping?

    You already have a stationary shop on Nextrade? Then another Drop shipping shop is free of charge for you. Only for the incoming orders we charge a commission of 2.5 % (for EDI participation 1.5 % ) of the net order value. Billing is done on a monthly basis.

    If you have not yet opened a shop with us, then you pay a service fee of 50 € per month in addition to the above-mentioned commission. The settlement takes place annually.

  • What are the benefits of Nextrade Drop shipping for me as a brand?

    Increase the sales of your products to buyers and their end customers by offering Drop shipping on Nextrade and offering your complete assortment. Make agreements and individual conditions with your buyers and decide yourself who sells your products.

  • What are the requirements for opening a Drop shipping shop?
    • Assortment with dropshippable articles only
    • Offer stocks and/or only products that can be ordered
    • At best: Exclusively offer articles with a sales unit of 1
    • Store transparent shipping costs and delivery times
  • What is the process of creating a Drop shipping shop?

    Your dropshipping shop will be created automatically by your registration. As with the stationary Nextrade shop, you have two options: You use our Nextrade import template or we import your data from one of your systems (EDI). The same applies to inventory data. You can import product images from us as image links in the import file or separately as a standalone file. You create payment and shipping conditions yourself in the myNextrade.

    You already have a stationary sshop on Nextrade? Then we can duplicate it and perform the above processes for your dropshipping shop as well.

    You would like to open another dropshipping shop with us? Simply contact us at support@nmedia.solutions.

  • In which countries is the Drop shipping shop visible?

    You decide in which countries you offer dropshipping. It is important that the conditions regarding payments, shipping costs and shipping times are agreed between brand and buyer.


  • What is Nextrade Automate?

    Are you still taking orders by phone, email or fax? With Nextrade, you have a central digital platform for order acceptance and processing. Thanks to an EDI connection, all orders end up directly in your ERP system. Furthermore, with Nextrade Automate you can also send us all follow up documents and we will automatically forward them to your buyers via (web)EDI.

  • How much does Nextrade Automate cost?

    We are happy to set up customized and individual interfaces for Nextrade. Please contact our support at support@nmedia.solutions. We will be happy to advise you and create a non-binding offer for you.

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