Nextrade becomes nmedia.hub

Nextrade becomes nmedia.hub

nmedia connects EDI orders with online orders from the order and content platform nmedia.hub (formerly Nextrade). With nmedia, we lower the inhibition thresholds for the industry and facilitate the entry into digital business processes: Solution-oriented, innovative and always close to the industry.

The merger creates a powerhouse of 400 top brands, 20,000 retailers and over €1 billion in annual sales volume for the home & living industry. With this step, nmedia strengthens its position as a leading partner for the top brands and retailers in the industry.

Nextrade and nmedia have continued to grow together in terms of technology and content since the platform was founded in 2019. Through the joint nmedia.hub platform, we are unleashing new potential for our brands and merchants and paving the way for optimised order and content management.

More electronic orders

Through the merger, nmedia can realise almost any digital order path thanks to the standardized (platform) and individual (EDI/API) solution approaches. Less paper chaos due to orders by fax, e-mail, telephone or letter. Processes from everyday business life are actively driven forward by digitalization and gain more efficiency through the services of nmedia.

Advantages for brands

Together, we offer brands a high degree of flexibility and digital solutions to optimize order management and centrally manage brand content. Regardless of the technical capabilities a:e dealer:in has.

Lowering technical hurdles

The merger lowers technical barriers, not only for existing brand customers but also for new customers. This makes it easier for brands to receive electronic orders, which are transmitted directly to the merchandise management system – saving time and money!

Full control

In this process, nmedia takes on the role of intermediary, i.e. the brand has full control. The brand decides on the individual price and freight conditions for each buyer. Content management is also greatly simplified and made more transparent via the nmedia.hub platform. The brand can autonomously determine which retailer receives which content.

Advantages for retailers

For retailers, the merger of the two worlds makes digital order management and content procurement even easier. Thanks to the additional services, such as managing back orders, viewing stocks and the status of order available in the platform (formerly Nextrade), there are synergies that make nmedia even more efficient and optimize your order management.

Content for merchandise management and online shop

Former EDI services, such as the master data reference, will be merged into the platform. In this way, a retailer will soon be able to manage content holistically via a central platform – conveniently in self-service and completely automatically. It doesn’t matter whether the content is retrieved via API, EDI, FTP or e-mail. This way, retailers have access to the content (article and image data) at any time – for their own merchandise management and/or for the B2C online shop.

Added value on the sales floor

Customers from the classic EDI and API business have already benefited from the advantages of the platform: Together with the end customers, retailers can view the complete range of brands on the sales floor. Digitally and at any time in every shop on the tablet! For this service, retailers can simply display and hide the purchase prices on the platform.

“Now what belongs together is growing together”, Nicolaus Gedat (Managing Director nmedia GmbH).

As you can see: The two worlds have always been interwoven. In order to present you the best of both worlds bundled and with a concentrated force in the future, the two services are merging into a common platform.

  • Your nmedia portal will continue to be available to you and can be reached with immediate effect via the following link:
  • You can reach the nmedia.hub platform (formerly Nextrade) with immediate effect under the following link:

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact your usual contact persons! We are here for you.

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