Our mission

We connect the trade with the industry via our central platform. Our focus is on the development of efficient solutions and services for the industry.

Connection between brands and buyers

In line with our mission, our services have continued to grow together. Since the merger under the name “nmedia”, we can realize almost any digital order path through the standardized (platform) and individual (API/EDI) solution approaches. With the clear goal of simplifying your business processes in your daily work and increasing your sales.

With our nmedia services, we lower the inhibition thresholds for the industry and facilitate your entry into digital business processes: Solution-oriented, innovative and always close to the industry.

Electronic orders

At nmedia, buyers can order from their brands electronically, regardless of their technical infrastructure. In this way, we reduce technical complexity and provide easy access to digital order placement and acceptance.

Transparent content distribution

In the first quarter of the coming year 2023, the distribution of POS data and content will be controlled exclusively via the nmedia.hub. This gives both the brands and their retailers the opportunity to send and receive data in self-service with maximum efficiency. The data that nmedia receives via current channels is available 1:1 in the nmedia.hub. The brand can now decide whether it prefers automatic release (standard) or individual release by the buyers.

Nothing changes for brands in the existing EDI data processes!

Expansion of sales channels

Expand your sales channels while always maintaining an overview: With the help of nmedia.hub, you will soon be able to control and manage all your channels. Whether marketplaces, dropshipping stores or other e-commerce projects.

Data Analysis Tool for Brands

Last year we gave our retailers a helpful dashboard after login. Now, brands should also get a dashboard tailored for them. With exciting data around the performance of the order, content and/or dropshipping store!

View EDI processes

In the future, we want to make the known EDI processes visible for you in the nmedia.hub: Tracking of documents centrally viewable.

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